Valentine’s Day may have come and gone but we’re still in the spirit of love and sharing. We know it’s creepy to send a box of chocolate or stuffed teddy to your house, but we have some other ways you can show your home some TLC this year.
Show some TLC with some DIY
You may not be planning on selling your home anytime soon but it’s never a bad idea to make some small improvements in your home. These small updates over time will inevitably increase your home’s value. A quick weekend DIY project will bring your home back to life and is also a great way to bond with the family.
Make some beautiful memories
Do you remember when you first moved into your home and pictured all the barbecues and house parties you would throw for you and your friends? But then life got in the way and now you can barely count how many times you’ve actually entertained guests at your house. Whether you haven’t or it’s been ages since your last dinner party, consider hosting a small casual dinner party for your friends and family. These are the memories that are just priceless.
Get some protection
No, not that type of protection. We’re talking home insurance policy here! Have a review of your home insurance policy. This may not seem like the most romantic way to spend an evening, but it’s a much needed exercise to ensure there are no gaps in your coverage.
Even homes love gifts
You know that excited feeling you get when you buy something new at the boutique? A bag, a pair of shoes, a new gadget? It’s the same way buying something for your home can also lift your spirits. Have you been eyeing a gorgeous Persian rug online? Buy it! Or some luxurious Egyptian cotton bed sheets. Buy it! Having a beautiful stylish home doesn’t just happen overnight, so cultivate the habit of making these little purchases over time. Before you know it, you’ll have a home that you absolutely love.
Save money on it
When it comes to money it can go one or two ways. But anything that has to do with your home mortgage and saving money is always a good idea. Saving money on your mortgage through refinancing can mean changing from an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) to a fix-rate mortgage. Most home owners in the developed world are willing to do this because it makes payments a little more predictable and allows you to better plan for the future. Making a responsible financial decision about your home is enough to make you as happy as a clam.
A home is more than simply a roof over your head and a space to sleep. It’s a place that you’re meant to love and create beautiful lasting memories. Why don’t you give some of these easy tips a try this weekend and watch how you fall in love with your home all over again!


Owning a home is a big deal for Zimbabweans and also costly at the same time so owning a home is an accomplishment most want to have on their belts. There are several ways to own a property in Zimbabwe with the most popular being buying or building a house. It should be noted that building and buying a property in Zimbabwe entails different processes and hurdles. It is important to be alert so as to avoid any complications once you have paid your hard earned money. Both buying and building a property have their own individual advantages and disadvantages therefore it depends on a person’s financial position and preference.
This week we share with you the pros and cons of building or buying your dream home:
Three Arguments
1. Convenience
When it comes to convenience, buying a house provides the most convenience. All you have to do is consult with an agent and pick out a house that matches your needs, make a payment on the house and move in. While building a house entails various procedures such as looking for land, an architect to design the house, construction materials, builders and time to monitor the building process. However with this, please note that, when buying a house it is hard to find something with your exact specifics.
2. Costs
People in most cases get mortgages to buy houses. This means that you will pay money to the bank for the next 10 -20 years. If you fail to make payments this house can be foreclosed by the bank leaving you homeless. While when it comes to building your house you can take your time and use your savings. It might take a while depending on your income. The advantage is that you can halt the building when you run out of money and resume when you get more money. However the advantage of buying over building in this scenario is that you can live in the house while still making payments.
3. Time
Time is important when building or buying your dream home. Building a home needs more time and patience. There are several processes involved, from looking for and to following up on the right paperwork and taking time to supervise the construction of the property. While with building the house once you have picked out the house with your agent and negotiated the price your lawyer can follow up on the paper work. However with building there is a certain sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing your dream home designed by you come to life.
There are several other pros and cons to building and buying your dream home but it should be noted that before you proceed to with either it is important to sit down with a professional or talk to friends and family before making a final decision.


Moving into a new home is always exciting. But what about moving out of your current home? Not so exciting. It can be rather stressful and sad. The process of moving out starts with packing all your belongings. Then you have to hire the right people to help you take out your furniture and move it all into your new home. This process demands enormous amounts of focus and attention for anyone. When you have a tight schedule other pressing tasks in hand, moving out can be a big headache. Here are some tips to help you take some of the stress out of moving.
The key to wrangling your focus away from the grips of chaos is to stay organised. And, this is where you realize the beauty of writing things down instead of torturing your mind.
1. Make a moving out checklist
Preparing a checklist in advance keeps you aware of all the important tasks you need to carry out before moving out. You can make a list of items you need to take with you to your next home, a list of things you want to get rid of, and an address checklist which includes a list of people you need to notify before moving out, etc.
2. Always stay organised
Staying organised and prepared is the most effective way to tackle stress and get things done.
3. Rent a removal truck and have a couple of friends help you out
In addition to hiring a removal truck, recruit a couple of close friends who are willing to help you move smaller items out. Make sure you give them all the details well in advance in order to avoid any last minute cancellations.
4. Pick the right transportation service depending on the distance.
What if your new home is very far away from your old home?
Before hiring a truck, it is important to consider information such as the distance to your final destination from your current house. If your new home is close by and you don’t have much furniture, you might be able to get away without a truck. However, if you have a lot of furniture, find out if the truck is big enough to carry all your belongings. Try to make only one trip. Travelling back and forth can cost you a fortune.
5. Change your address on all accounts
Your checklist should include all the accounts and companies you need to inform before moving out. This is one of the most important things to get right and often the most likely to be forgotten when moving out.
6. Make an inventory
With additional stress and chaos, there is a distinct possibility that you may forget which items you have carried in and out. In order to avoid misplacing your belongings, make a note of every item that you will take to your new home.
7. De-clutter
Now is the best time to de-clutter. Don’t take anything you don’t need to your new place. De-cluttering has so many advantages – this process will benefit you both mentally and physically.
8. Label everything
One of the most effective and easiest ways of keeping track of your belongings is to label them. Use tags/ marks to identify which box of items belongs to which room. This will make the process of moving out less complicated.


Keeping your household clean is not always simple, and at times you may not have the time to do some deep cleaning every day, but your house still looks presentable. When you have small children your house may at times look like a hurricane just passed through, so you end up just giving up. Here are a few tips to help you manage to keep a clean house even with children around.
Do the heavy cleaning at night:
Do not stress yourself and try cleaning early in the morning before the kids wake up, it will only take away energy you need to keep up with them for the day. The ideal time to do all the scrubbing is at night after they have gone to bed. It will give you more time and also after the cleaning you can have a good night sleep.
Do not clutter your house:
Now that you have kids try to keep the things in the common living spaces to the minimum. The less they find to play with the better chances you have for your house to stay clean.
Give them a special place for them to play:
Even if they have a playroom kids like to explore the house and follow you around. In order to limit the chaos, try create a mini space for them to play in each room. Keep some toys in each corner of the house so that they understand where they are allowed to play.
Keep boxes/bins all over the house:
It is important for kids to learn at a young age about organization. Teach them to put their stuff away when they are done playing. If they see these boxes everywhere in the house it will help you with cleaning up after them.
Involve them with the cleaning:
Do not have your small children to heavy duty cleaning. Instead when you are doing smaller chores get them involved. Turn it into a fun game by giving them small tasks to do and at the end rewarding them with a treat or some more TV/reading time.
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Guest Post: Securico Security Services

It pays to secure your home. Burglary can have a long-lasting emotional impact on victims, leaving them feeling isolated and vulnerable. However, by taking just a few simple measures you can reduce the chances of it happening to you.

Here are a few tips to help you identify areas to improve your home security:

Opportunistic burglars usually choose houses that have little or no visible security. So if your home does not look secure or provides unobserved access, it will be at risk. So what attracts burglars to your home?

  • No Security lighting- with blackouts being the norm these days, invest in solar lights for your home, this deters burglars.
  • Open or unsecured windows- Burglars take this as an opportunity to fish valuables from your home through windows. Always make sure your windows are secured from the inside.
  • Low or no fencing- your perimeter wall dictates how easy or difficult it will be to scale it. The more difficult it is the less attractive it is for burglars.

What do you do before you leave your home?

  • Close and lock all your doors and windows, even if you are only going out for a few minutes.
  • Set your burglar alarm.
  • Make sure that any valuables are not in sight. The harder valuables are to find the safer they are. Burglars do not want to spend to much time in a home
  • Put keys out of reach of letterboxes.
  • In the evening, shut the curtains and leave some lights on.
  • Never leave important documents out in the open

Your home is your sanctuary, all the measures you can take in your individual capacity to secure it will go a long way in keeping your home a safe haven for your family. We all need to feel safe; especially in our homes.


Call SECURICO for a free professional evaluation of your Security needs.



Selling your current home and moving into a new space is no mean feat. This is especially true when you have spent a number of years growing with your family and sharing a great deal of memories in the home. The place that you call home has seen your struggles, embraced your failures, and celebrated your victories. Not only that, but leaving a beloved place behind can be heart-wrenching.  Since the process of selling one’s home can be a strenuous experience, it can be a good idea to get the guidance of a reliable expert in order to avoid falling into the common pitfalls.

In order to save you from such disappointments, we have gathered together our top 4 most common home seller mistakes and how to overcome them in 2017.

Get your home inspected, valued, and even surveyed before selling

Making sure your home is in a good condition before selling it is a better idea than having it inspected by your potential buyers. This is because should potential buyers find fault, this leaves them with greater bargaining power when it comes to negotiation. There are a number of major advantages that can be generated through careful home inspection before selling. This process will help you understand the condition of your home in advance and attend to any repairs or problematic issues before showcasing your home. This will help you set your selling price at a reasonable rate.

Ineffective advertising

A lack of proper advertising is one of the most common ways in which people find themselves with a bad deal or a long period of waiting when selling their home. Ever wondered why none of your advertisements are receiving any potential leads? It could be due to inefficient/insufficient advertising. Some of the major elements that make a huge impact on the perfect “home for sale” advertisement (online or offline) include the following:

  1. Directed towards a specific target market
  2. At least 5 clear photographs of the property
  3. Speaks about the main features of the property without forgetting any recent upgrades
  4. A description about the location and its neighbourhood
  5. An effective call to action e.g. a phone number to “call now to make an enquiry”
  6. Accurate contact details

Not seeking the guidance of a reliable realtor

In order to avoid blunders or a bad deal, it is highly advisable to seek the assistance of a reputable and reliable realtor. The process of selling a home can be extremely long if you consider doing it on your own. The expertise of a professional can speed up the process and make it smoother and hassle-free. If you haven’t considered hiring a professional realtor, here are some reasons to do so:

  • Professional realtors possess the knowledge and experience needed to get you a good deal.
  • A proper real-estate agent will market your property effectively, consequently reducing the time period needed to sell the property.
  • Once when you are ready to sell your property, your realtor will guide you through the paperwork, which can be confusing when you’re selling your property.

Ridiculous pricing

Effective pricing is exceedingly important when you are planning to sell your home.  Pricing your home too high will result in buyers not approaching you and similarly pricing your home too low will only lead to a bad deal which often leaves you disappointed. If you receive the guidance of a reliable realtor, they will do the necessary work for you. If you are selling your home yourself, it is crucial to understand the environment you live in, analyze the prevailing price trends of similar properties in the neighborhood, and examine the condition of your home before fixing a price.

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